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Non-profit attains major ROI – Return on Innovation

The Mid-Atlantic regional offices of a major non-profit serving the business community needed help deciding whether to make a significant investment in old PBX technology or to attempt to find funding for a new one.

The Challenge:

  • The headquarters’ phone system was failing to properly serve the regional offices. A minimum investment of $30,000 would allow the system to limp along for the remainder of its limited life-cycle.
  • The client was contractually obligated for another 12 months with a service provider who was unable or unwilling to provide minimally acceptable levels of service.
  • The IT staff was small yet dedicated and capable with a chronically under-funded budget.
  • The client lacked the expertise to fully determine their technical requirements and did not possess the know-how to allow for an informed purchasing decision, nor did they have the budget to proceed with the plan.

The Method Solution:

  • METHOD listened to the needs of the client and engaged qualified providers to present options that fit within the client’s limited budget.
  • We uncovered significant refuted billing charges and spent the remainder of our engagement resolving each issue.
  • METHOD guided the client to an informed decision that resulted in WAN/LAN upgrade and a hosted VoIP platform that included call tracking and CRM software integration.

Benefits to the Client:

  • METHOD delivered billing credits in excess of $10,000.
  • METHOD’s fees were 100% self funded by the savings derived within the technology upgrade.

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