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Seven Misconceptions About Mobile Device Expense Management

There are many myths and misconceptions that lead companies to believe they are powerless against the exploding use and expense of mobile phones and devices. We are going to try and clear up some of these misconceptions and demonstrate how your business can effectively manage and control what is believed by many to be an unmanageable and uncontrollable business expense

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Five Key Practices for Reducing Telecom Expenses

Telecommunications expenses are among the largest cost items on the corporate income statement, easily overlooked by companies as simply the cost of doing business.  Despite declining costs, the reliance and proliferation of these services have created a precarious paradox that, if ignored can have severe consequences that negatively impact the bottom line. Next-generation solutions are able to process and normalize

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Bottom line… To date METHOD saved us over $1,600,000 without changing our existing providers or network with over $200,000 in credits and refunds. We rely on METHOD’s knowledgeable and professional staff as an ‘extension’ of our internal staff..

- D. Warner, Director of MIS

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