METHOD creates opportunities to reduce costs, increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and enhance business performance.  Our goal is to ensure your processes and technology match business needs and deliver real value and transformational change.

Our people combine extensive hands-on experience from a variety of business and technology backgrounds with an exceptional capability to apply independent practical thinking to complex business and technology issues – at both a strategic and tactical level.

Our Approach

Our focus is on helping clients gain value by ensuring there is clear alignment between business strategy, business process and technology. There may be issues and challenges to resolve in each area. We will work with you to determine the issues, agree on a plan and get the improvements made.

How Do We Do This?

Our IT & Telecom Expense Management team has experts in many diverse areas and most have been in both strategic and delivery roles so they understand the daily business pressures. They are enthusiastic, pragmatic and very effective.  Our team will work with your team to develop jointly agreed upon, practical solutions and improvements that can actually be implemented.

Our independence means that we are not tied to any particular set of vendors or outcomes. Our risk-sharing models reflect our desire to share both the rewards of an improved service and the associated risks of the agreed upon changes.

Our unique process combines delivery and results-led experience with expert technology partnerships to review market drivers, understand your business processes and business strategy and translate those needs into effective IT and process delivery.

Our Values

Business improvements are achieved with effective change management, allowing you to accelerate your business with significant ROI – Return on Innovation, creating valuable returns from your technology spend.

At METHOD we pride ourselves on our track record of exceptional client satisfaction and every client is a reference for us.

We utilize a consulting methodology that is not traditional. We listen, we don’t presume. We solve complex problems by supplementing your team in the short term, always keeping in mind that the long term goal is to provide a clear road map for our clients to follow and take ownership.  We share the risks and the rewards with you.  Our costs are more than covered by the savings realized.

Above all, it is because our interactions are strengthened and defined by our values:

  • Honesty and Integrity – we pride ourselves on our transparent approach and open dialog with clients. We build strong relationships based on a high degree of mutual trust with our clients, staff, partners and suppliers.
  • Innovation and excellence – we believe there is always a better and smarter way of working. We will challenge the way things are with an open and inquiring mind, and we have an absolute passion for improved operational and economic efficiencies.
  • Collaboration – your success is our success. We live it and breathe it and work closely with you to ensure you get to where you want to be.

With four major projects on our plate in addition to moving physical locations, my team did not have the time to focus on contract negotiation or constant hounding of vendors. METHOD helped us to transition into a new facility, acquire a new hosting provider and replace our antiquated telephony system, all for a net monthly savings. So in reality, our phone system upgrade was FREE. I cannot imagine having pulled this off without you guys. Thank you so much for the help..

- Christopher Gasparovic, VP Technology

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau